Our vision is to provide an environment that is conducive to fulfilling all aspects of the creative potential of learners in preparation for life

Carinus provides art education to six schools: Victoria PrimaryGraeme CollegeVictoria Girls’ High School, Ntsika High School, Fikizolo Primary and PJ Olivier.

Carinus offers junior art education to grades 4-9, andhttps://carinusartcentre.com/2014/10/26/what-we-offer/www.gc.ecape.school.za senior art education to grades 10-12.

Senior art students can choose between visual art and design, and within these categories between paintinggraphic art & printmaking, and sculpture (visual art) or between textile design and ceramic design.

Senior art consists of both theory and practical work, which complement one another.

To realise our vision, we strive to:

  • Provide a supportive environment that encourages learners to take creative risks
  • Develop the independent thinking and practical skills of learners
  • Promote academic and artistic excellence
  • Encourage the moral and spiritual values of learners
  • Instil self-discipline in the firm of a work ethic, time management and personal behaviour
  • Build social awareness and positive relationships with the wider community
  • Practice environmental awareness and responsibility
Johan Carinus Art Centre
Johan Carinus Art Centre, 84 Beaufort Street, Grahamstown, 6139
046 622 4543

Junk Status: Auction 2017

Carinus Annual Art Auction 20 May 2017 As with many schools in the Eastern Cape, we are locked in a complicated battle with the education department where vacant posts are not being filled. Part of the money raised at this event will be used towards paying a secretary...

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For learners who love a hands-on approach to art, and are excited by the possibilities of 3-dimensional form, the sculpture department offers a vibrant space which boasts a wide range of options for creative practice. Traditional techniques in clay, wood, metal and paper mache are given a contemporary spin as learners are encouraged to engage conceptually with the world around them.

Textile Design

The textile Design department teaches a range of designing and production skills in the area of surface design. Learners are guided through the process of taking initial concepts and images and producing repeat patterns which can be printed using such techniques as stencilling, fabric painting, tie-dying and screen printing.


In painting learners are taught a variety of styles and expressive techniques in watercolour, tempera and acrylic mediums. A strong foundation in traditional drawing, composition and colour theory provides the necessary skills with which they can pursue their own personal vision while also being encouraged to explore contemporary installation and multi-media applications of painting.

Junior Art

The art centre employs three junior art teachers who provide art education at the centre’s feeder schools. Art from grade 4-6 is part of the Life-Skills curriculum and leaners participate in fun art activities that explore different techniques and mediums in two and three dimensions. The Creative Arts curriculum in grade 7-9 focuses on developing learner’s practical skills and understanding of the role that art plays in the world today. In grade 9 the art projects are also designed to help learners decide where their practical interests and aptitude lies should they wish to continue with art in Grade 10 to 12.

Graphic Art & Printmaking

The Graphics Department boasts a well-equipped studio where learners are taught traditional and contemporary printing and graphic techniques including linocut, etching and collagraph, as well as illustration and typography. Learners acquire a strong foundation in drawing using a wide range of drawing materials, as well as a thorough grasp of the different printing processes. These are brought together in creative ways to produce visual exciting and expressive artworks.


The gentle art of ceramics is a popular choice for learners with an eye for functional design and decorative detail. A strong foundation in sound technique and method, as well as exposure to the major trends in design over the centuries ensures learners are well equipped to give mature expression to their own personal creativity. Ceramics is taught by Ms Jane James.